Danielle Navarro

Data scientist, developer, technical writer, and educator

Employment History

Developer Advocate, Voltron Data (2022)

  • Reduced barriers to adoption for developers using Apache Arrow
  • Developed and delivered training material for technical audiences
  • Improved user experience for developers in a complex software ecosystem
  • Worked with software engineers and communicated community feedback
  • Contributed code to improve software usability for users and developers
  • Built a trusted profile to engage with community members on social media

Associate Professor (2012-2021)

Associate positions are senior (tenured) roles with multiple responsibilities. I held appointments at the University of Adelaide (2012-1015) and the University of New South Wales (2016-2021). Core responsibilities are listed below:

  • Project management, finances, and team leadership
  • Leadership roles in the broader scientific community
  • A/B testing and advanced experimental design
  • Data analysis, statistical modelling, and machine learning
  • Curriculum development and delivery for technical subjects
  • Grant and report writing, and publishing scientific research
  • Research software engineering (mostly in R and Javascript)

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide (2006-2011)

Australian equivalent of tenure-track academic positions in North America. My duties were similar to those listed in the previous section, at a more junior level.

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Adelaide (2004-2005)

  • Build Bayesian nonparametric statistical models of human cognition
  • Research software engineering, mostly in Matlab/GNU Octave
  • Serve as primary data analyst for complex statistical analysis tasks
  • Take a primary authorship role in writing scientific papers

Postdoctoral Researcher, Ohio State University (2002-2004)

My responsibilities at Ohio State University were similar to my later responsibilities as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Adelaide above.


  • Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Adelaide (1999-2003)
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), University of Adelaide (1994-1998)

Academic roles

Academic careers are not organised into the same categories we typically use to describe industry roles in tech, so it's helpful to unpack it a bit. In practice, a tenured academic functions like a small business owner operating in a broader regulatory context, and usually has several part-time career paths that evolve in parallel.

Editorial career

Scientific editors are senior members of the academic community who review submissions for scientific quality, breadth of interest, and readability. To do this job well you need to have broad mastery of the academic discipline involved, stellar writing skills, and the ability to delicately negotiate conflicts among authors and reviewers. During my academic career I held editor roles at these journals:

Teaching career

Academics are expected to be teachers, naturally. The complete scope of my professional education career is extremely broad, but I'll note a few highlights that are relevant in the context of tech roles:

Managerial and organisational career

Research and technical communication