Danielle Navarro

Data scientist, technical writer, behavioural scientist, and software developer


  • 20 years experience in statistics, experimental design and behavioural science
  • Expertise in R, Python, SQL, and modern data science workflows
  • Skilled technical writer and communicator with a passion for helping others
  • Author of 100+ scientific papers as lead author, analyst or research designer
  • Author of several books on data visualisation, art, and statistics
  • Research leadership roles, editorial experience, and project management

Employment History

Developer Advocate, Voltron Data (2022)

  • Open source contributions to improve product usability for developers
  • Improve user experience for developers in a complex software ecosystem
  • Demonstrate larger-than-memory data workflows to R developer comminity
  • Work with software engineers and communicated community feedback
  • Reduce barriers to adoption for developers using Apache Arrow
  • Develop and delivered training material for technical audiences

Associate Professor in Quantitative Psychology / Data Science, University of New South Wales (2016-2021)

  • Data analysis, statistical modelling, and Bayesian methods
  • A/B testing and advanced experimental design
  • Research software engineering, typically in R and Javascript
  • Project management, finances, and team leadership
  • Curriculum development and delivery for technical content
  • Research grant and report writing, and publishing scientific research
  • Leadership roles in the broader scientific community
  • Editorial responsibilities at leading scientific journals

Earlier Positions (2002-2015)

  • Associate Professor, University of Adelaide (2012-2015)
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide (2006-2011)


  • Ph.D., University of Adelaide (1999-2003). My Ph.D. focused on quantitative methods and mathematical modeling in the behavioral sciences.
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), University of Adelaide (1994-1998)